Onondaga Community College
Federation of Teachers and Administrators


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The Federation is affiliated with NYSUT, an organization of over 605,000 members including locals from higher education, K-12, service related personnel, health care workers, and retirees.  It is through the NYSUT field office in Syracuse that the Federation receives negotiation, grievance and other organizational benefits.  During state legislative sessions, NYSUT provides an extremely effective lobbying effort in Albany.  In addition, a number of benefits are provided directly to members through NYSUT Member Benefits.

NYSUT sponsors a Community College Conference and a Representative Assembly annually.  The Community College Conference is a forum for discussion of current issues facing New York’s Community Colleges.  Workshops and training sessions are offered.  The Representative Assembly provides a setting for representatives of the membership to vote on policies which direct NYSUT activities.

Through NYSUT, the Federation is also affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the National Education Association (NEA) and the AFL/CIO.  Through strong and effective leadership, the AFT and NEA keep educational reform on the national agenda, supporting lobbying efforts with the President and Congress.  Additionally, both the AFT and NEA researches and disseminates information on key issues facing education and the membership.
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