Onondaga Community College
Federation of Teachers and Administrators


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Contact Us

•    President
    David VanArsdale, Social Science - Mawhinney 380H
    Ext. 2836

•    Grievance Co Chairs
    Faculty                                                            Administrators
Laurel Saiz                                                       Mike Heise  (Interim)

    Ext. 2261    saizl@sunyocc.edu                           Ext. 2803    heisem@sunyocc.edu

•    Grievance Professional Administrators

     Sally Luton                            Adam Prestopnik

    Ext. 2466  lutons@sunyocc.edu                           Ext. 2822  prestopa@sunyocc.edu

•    Grievance Faculty Members
     Tim Stedman     Shelley Ley

    Ext. 2326  stedmant@sunyocc.edu    Ext. 2552 leym@sunyocc.edu

•    Political Action
    David Van Arsdale, Social Science - Mawhinney 380H
    Ext. 2836      vanarsdd@sunyocc.edu

•   The Federation Office is now located in Coyne 126.    

•   The Federation Executive Committee meets 4:00 to 5:30

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