Onondaga Community College
Federation of Teachers and Administrators


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History of the Federation

The OCC Federation of Teachers and Administrators (OCCFTA), Local 1845, is the union representing all full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty, professional administrators, and professional tutors for the purpose of bargaining salaries, fringe benefits and working conditions.

On February 22, 2005, with the successful adoption of a new constitution, the OCCFTA was formed as the merged organization of the Association of College Administrators (ACA) and the OCC Federation of Teachers (OCCFT).

The OCCFT was organized on February 14, 1968 under the Public Employee Relations Act of 1967 (Taylor Law) as the sole bargaining unit for full-time faculty.  On September 5, 1986, after successfully amending the Federation constitution and by-laws, adjunct and part-time faculty, and professional tutors were incorporated into the Federation. The ACA was organized in October, 1972 as the sole bargaining unit for the professional administrators at OCC.
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