Onondaga Community College
Federation of Teachers and Administrators


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Membership / Dues

To become a member of the Federation of Teachers and our affiliates, NYSUT, AFT, and NEA, you must complete a registration form.  We are an agency shop; dues are collected from all professional administrators and faculty—full-time, part-time, adjunct.  Non-members and members pay the same fee/dues.  However, only members are eligible to participate in union functions and votes.  Contact the Membership Secretary to verify membership status, request a membership form or contract.

 A person must be a Federation member-in-good-standing for 30 days before becoming eligible to vote in a Federation election, contract ratification or anything requiring a vote.

A dues structure is recommended by the Federation Executive Committee and must be approved by the membership at a Federation meeting.

Our current dues structure requires the automatic pass-through of NYSUT and AFT dues plus a percent of base salary to cover local expenses, thus you will see two lines on a pay stub for Federation dues.  Contact Federation President Rob O’Boyle if you have any questions about the dues structure.
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