Onondaga Community College
Federation of Teachers and Administrators


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Membership Representatives

For faculty, each academic department; for professional administrators, each building has a Federation representative who will assist members and fee payers in any way possible.

 Architecture Ken Bobis  2171 
 Art/Photography Deborah Haylor-McDowell  2030 
Biology  Emily Gardiner 2413
 Business Administration Harry Dalmaso  2160 
Chem/Physical Science  Paul Bertan  2483 
Computer Studies  Mary Bryant  2520 
Coulter Library  Pam Stepien  2561 
Counseling   Tim Singer 2485
 Criminal Justice  David Owens 2670 
Electronic Media Com.  Michael Kaminski  2212 
English  Michael O’Connor  2680 
English  Janell Haynes  2192 
English/Reading/Com.  Jim Place  2613 
Electrical Technology  Ron Hinshaw  2452 
Ferrante Hall  Michele Carey  2109 
Food Service Adm.  Jillann Neely  2232 
General Studies  Pam Martin-Louer  2333 
Gordon  Sally Luton  2466
H-1  Debra Baehr  2800 
 Health/Phys Ed/Rec Lindsey Reider  2487 
Human Services  Tina May  7292 
Jobs Plus  Debra McClendon-Boddie  442-3242 
Library Department  Pauline Shostack  2708 
Mathematics  Patrick DeFazio
 Mechanical Technology Bob Latham  2167 
Modern Languages  Engracia Schuster  2297 
Music  David Abrams  2258 
North Campus  Marcia Drumm  2952 
Nursing  Barbara Goldberg
 Photography/Art Meredith Cantor  2757 
Physical Therapy  Cindy Warner  2188 
Public Safety/Fire Protect  Doug Whittaker  2671 
Respiratory Therapy  Dan Cleveland  2471 
Social Science  Mark Zane  7254 
Surgical Technology  Mary Pat Annable  2463 
 Whitney Wendy Allen  7270

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